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PUF went on hair loss treatments like Tricomin, Saw Palmetto and Folligen when he realized he was balding. Check out his photos and bio here.

  • Chat Name - Puffy
  • Location - England, UK

When did you start losing your hair?

At roughly age 22

Did you do anything immediately?

No, I waited.

How long did you wait before you took action?

I waited about 3 years.


What are you currently doing about your hair loss?

Currently I am using Folligen, Saw Palmetto, and Aloe Vera. I am also cycling through three therapeutic shampoo's: Nano, Nizoral, and Tricomin.

How long have you been on your current regimen?

I have been on all the above things for about 5 months, except for Tricomin, which is a recent addition.

What kind of results have you seen?

This picture was taken before I started losing my hair. As far as results, its hard to tell. Some days I imagine that my hair is thicker, but some days I think it's receded a bit. I think basically it hasn't changed much. Cheers!



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