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A product review of Folligen, a natural hair loss treatment and skin care product for males and female hair loss.  Aside from DHT, the condition of the scalp is a major player in balding and regrowth inhibition.  The following products have gained an outstanding reputation for creating an ideal scalp environment, and ensuring maximum regrowth results.

Folligen Lotion, Cream, and Spray have spurred quite a bit of good feedback from our users - both men and women, and is gaining a reputation for being a high quality scalp conditioning product.

Gets the Dirt out?  No...

When you see shampoo's and lotions which claim that they "clean" the scalp so well, that they help stop hair loss, chances are, they're full of it.  The issue is not dirt.  The issue is DHT and the inflammation it causes, which exacerbates the scalp environment, leading to balding.  DHT is an expert at creating a very unhealthy, itchy, flaky scalp environment.  This alone can cause even successful treatments to be unsuccessful, and an untreated individual to see an even faster thinning.  The following study was done in an attempt to determine whether inflammation was found as a general phenomenon, or more common in those experiencing Alopecia (hair loss).  Please note the last sentence, for their conclusions.

"Quantitative and ultrastructural analysis of inflammatory infiltrates in male pattern alopecia."

Acta Derm Venereol 1999 Sep;79(5):347-50.

In order to determine whether lymphocytic inflammation around the lower infundibula in male pattern baldness is incidental or a general phenomenon, we performed morphometric and ultrastructural analysis of inflammatory infiltrates in the transitional zones of the vertex and occipital hairy scalps of 19 patients with male pattern baldness. Six normal subjects served as controls. The number of inflammatory infiltrates around the follicular infundibula of the alopecic vertices and non-alopecic occiputs of male pattern alopecia patients was significantly greater than the corresponding control value. The number of mast cells in the widened fibrous tracts in the vertices of male pattern baldness patients was significantly greater than those in the adventitial fibrotic sheaths of control subjects and the non-alopecic occiputs of male pattern alopecia patients. 

These data support the idea that the inflammatory process may be, at least in part, responsible for the development of male pattern alopecia.

Folligen and Inflammation...

These products are designed to help create an environment that promotes regrowth both alone, and in conjunction with other treatments. They are used both by women for stress and estrogen-related thinning, and by men for DHT (dihydrotestosterone) related scalp damage. The main method of action is the delivery of Copper Peptides to the follicle, which has been shown to stimulate follicles into their growth phase faster.  Dr. Pickart, who also created the well known Tricomin Product line (also shown in clinical trials to stimulate growth), conducted studies at over 30 leading Medical Research Institutes.  These studies established the effectiveness of the Copper Peptide Tissue Regeneration process. 


For Men & Women

A little History...

This treatment had its beginning as a skin repair cream that was being tested in the Dermatology Department at the University of California at San Francisco. A 41-year-old woman with severe alopecia tried the cream because nothing else had worked. In two and one-half months she had almost complete regrowth. Other people began using the skin repair cream to counter balding and in time, Folligen emerged as a distinct product.

Folligen for Men

These products for men are either used alone, or with other follicle stimulators such as Minoxidil, and DHT inhibitors like Propecia. Folligen is compatible with these products and helps reduce the scalp irritation is sometimes caused by them.

Male users usually report:

  • Markedly reduces balding in about three weeks 
  • Improves their scalp health and reduces irritation 
  • Visual results in about four months

For a complete review of this treatment's potential for use in Men, please Click Here.

Folligen for Women

Normally for women, this treatment is used alone or with Minoxidil. Female hair loss is normally due to hormonal shifts such as menopausal changes, stopping the use of birth control pills, and sometimes an occurrence after having given birth. However, female hair loss is easier to reverse than male pattern baldness. The use of estrogen replacement therapies or the use of natural products containing estrogen-like or progesterone-like activities also can help. The cream and spray are essential for this.

Copper ion complexes with certain peptides have both skin repair and regrowth enhancement effects. The Proctor Gamble Company has patented as growth compounds a number of copper complexes with peptides such His-Gly-Gly and similar compounds. Female hair loss is often associated with scalp irritation or inflammation. The cream and spray skin repair properties rapidly restore scalp health.

Alopecia Areata (AA) is very common in women and generally appears as patches of skin rather than thinning. Copper peptides possess significant anti-inflammatory actions which may reduce AA.  Although mild erythema may occur initially, affected areas of scalp or skin appear normal. This may be anywhere on the scalp or even the rest of the body. 

For a complete review of this treatment's potential for use in Women, please Click Here.

For Men & Women

The best known DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blocker is Propecia, the drug from Merck, but Merck does not recommend Propecia for women: a one year study of growth in 136 post-menopausal women found no significant effect on their regrowth.

This is where Folligen comes in....

The Products...

There are three versions: 


Lotion Therapy Spray
Intended Use Works well on hair lines where scalp skin is more accessible A more Liquid formula than the Cream, good for areas with more dense hair Intended for overall use which can be sprayed as a fine mist into the hair
One Bottle Lasts 30-45 Days 30-45 Days 30-45 Days

The Cream and the Lotion have been available for over two years as unadvertised products that customers have requested.




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