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The most up to date and widely distributed source for hair loss news anywhere on the Internet!  We bring you the latest stories on clinical trials, consumer alerts, new and upcoming treatments, and headlines related to the fight against hair loss every month, delivered right to your email address. 

 Knowledge is Power

Without a doubt, the medical community and Biotech industry is focusing their attention more and more on conditions related to hair loss.  Discoveries seem to pop up every week as Biotech companies race to present the newest most effective treatments; making them rich, and keeping our heads full of hair.  Knowing what's going on in every company, in every country, and across all platforms of medicine is nearly an impossible task.  Additionally, getting good, reliable unbiased information in a sea of snake oils and useless tonics can prove to be even more daunting.    

 The Latest HairlossSucks Newsletters
January 2001 Newsletter
New articles on Women and Men's hair loss, Revivogen progress reports, warning about vitamin based treatments, latest on Dutasteride, new gel prevents chemo hair loss
February 2001 Newsletter
French Hair Loss discovery, Hair Test deemed worthless, Botanical treatment fails clinical trials, Florida and Long beach research conferences, Salons to add hair growth centers, new thinning hair tool, Mullet hair style gains popularity
March 2001 Newsletter
Dutasteride outperforms Propecia & Rogaine in Trials! New protein discovered for hair width, New streaming videos and interviews added! 
April 2001 Newsletter
Propecia 5 yr trial Results, Revivogen increases quantities, Does T-Gel cause cancer? New genetic discovery for hair loss, survey - hair loss is increasing
Sorry, there was no May Newsletter 
June 2001 Newsletter
Tokyo Hair Loss Conference - 170 new abstracts and discoveries in hair loss research, HairlossSucks Celebrates Record Attendance! Modrastane & Hair Growth, ETG Prevents Chemo hair loss

July 2000 Newsletter
Propecia 4 year Study Results, and more

August 2000 Newsletter
Propecia hair growth challenge, Gene Therapy News

September 2000 Newsletter
Revivogen Updates, Germany EHRS Conference, Gene Chip study

October 2000 Newsletter
New study wants you!, Tricomin top sales, Nizoral study, Propecia frontal hair study, Apples for hair loss? Dutasteride...
October 2000 [Supplemental]
Review of Hair Loss conference in Maine
November 2000 Newsletter
Howard Stern Hair Growth challenge, new Propecia study, Revivogen adds new ingredient, Rogaine conducts survey...
December 2000 Newsletter
Update on Hair Loss Gene study, Head Licking Cows?, Bristol Myers Topical Study update, Crinagen adds new ingredient, Vitamins that can help stop Hair Loss

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May 14, 2000

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