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There is nothing quite like the terror you feel the moment you realize you're losing your hair.  You are not alone, we have resources that can help you stop and reverse the process.

You've been noticing it over the past few weeks.  Your hair isn't laying right.  When you comb it, something looks different.  Seems like every week it mysteriously changes its style just slightly, but enough for you to notice.  You don't give it much thought at first, but over time, you start to realize that something's wrong.  Then one day you hop out of the shower, dry yourself off a bit, and look in the mirror.  That's when it hits you.  For the first time you realize it.  You're losing your hair.

Panic sets in.  Fearing the worst, your heart sinks and you enter the first stage of denial.  You're seeing things, right?  You immediately lean into the mirror and are appalled at all the newly showing skin you see.  The temperature in the bathroom seems to rise about 100 degrees.  You start to sweat, panic .... The overall feeling is that of impending doom.  Balding? No!

Is there something wrong with you?  Why are you being so vain?  Its not like you're DYING of something.  But why is it showing up so suddenly?  "At this rate I'm going to be bald in 6 months", you think to yourself.  Then the cheesy infomercials with bikini clad women saying they hate bald men that you've been ignoring your whole life suddenly seem relevant.  "Who can I talk to about this?  How can I talk to anyone?  I don't want anyone to notice.  This is my secret.  My depressing, embarrassing secret.  If I don't find my soul mate soon, I'm going to be alone forever.  What about my social life?  I can't go out and impress the opposite sex without any hair.  Sure its normal when you're 65 years old, but who wants to look 65 years old?"

Want hair loss treatment information on 
? Minoxidil? Revivogen? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Rogaine? Balding?

So you talk with some close confidants about the bad news.  They seem pretty unaffected by it.  "Why?" you think to yourself, "This is a serious issue!  My life is over!".  One turns to you and says "I don't know what you're talking about, I see no difference, relax".  For some reason, that makes you feel better.

Over the next few weeks and months you start noticing things.  Different mirrors seem to cast you in different lights.  In some mirrors you look great.  Your confidence returns, and all is well.  Thank goodness, you were just imagining it.  Then you catch your reflection in another mirror and you barely recognize yourself.  Eventually you start avoiding mirrors altogether.  Socially, you start crawling into a shell.  You go out less, you can think of nothing but your hair when you are out, so what's the point.

You start to notice hair all over your desk, in your shower drain, all over your towel when you dry off, all over your pillow on your bed, and even on your own shoulders and shirt collar all day long.  You know for a fact that you're not imagining this.  Something is happening.

At this point, the story can go in many directions.  Some of you may have gone to see your doctor, and like many of us, received a completely uninformed response regarding balding(doctors seem so good at that these days), or were looked at and told that you're probably just imagining it.  By this time though, comments like that almost come across as insults.

Some of you may have gotten immediately on the internet to see what you could find.  You type "hair loss" in the search engine and all you get are hundreds of sites trying to sell you something.  Some products like Propecia and Rogaine you recognize, and other sites have these crazy formulas you've never heard of.  Hopelessly you sift through the mess, looking for unbiased information, someone who understands where you're coming from, someone who you can talk about your options with.  Why is it that sites selling only Propecia say that Propecia is the only thing that works?  Sites selling Minoxidil discount Propecia as "ineffective", and Minoxidil as the savior to all.  Transplant Sites that say neither Propecia or Minoxidil work.

I've described only one of many scenarios, but in every scenario one thing remains true.  People just don't understand the seriousness of the situation.  Hair loss in men and women has been proven to be one of the most devastating experiences in an otherwise healthy human being's life.  Yet for some reason, society just doesn't get it.

Welcome to HairlossSucks.  If nothing else... we get it. And fortunately, you have options, depending on your type of hair loss. 



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