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Please read below for his photos and bio.

  • Chat Name - HAL6969
  • Location - Italy

When did you start losing your hair?

Age 21

Did you do anything immediately?

No, I waited.

How long did you wait before you took action?
Where is your hair loss?

I waited approximately 4 years, and began treatment on April 10, 1999.  My hair loss is on the top and back of my heat (Vertex).




What are you currently doing about your hair loss?

I am using Finasteride (Propecia) 1mg per day, Minoxidil 5% (rogaine) twice a day, and Proxiphen once a day. For shampoo's I am rotating between Nizoral 2%, Nano with Nano conditioner. In the past I have also used Crescina lotion (made in Switzerland) and Kevis lotion.

How long have you been on your current regimen?

Propecia from April 1999, Minoxidil 5%/Proxiphen/Nano/Nizoral 2% from November 1999.

What kind of results have you seen?

I have gone from a Norwood 3 vertex to almost an Norwood 1 vertex. 

HAL why did you send HairlossSucks pics of your Pubies?

Those aren't my pubic hairs!  That is an analysis I had done on my follicles by my dermatologist to try and determine my hair density.  The magnification is very high.

These photos were taken of the back top of my head, which as you can see, there is much less hair than up front.







What hair loss treatment would you like info on?
Propecia | Minoxidil | Revivogen | Rogaine | Tricomin | Folligen | Crinagen



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