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Discussion on Topical hair loss products, Propecia and T-Gel studies, Minoxidil application to long hair, as well as general information on Sebborheaic Dermatitis and Folliculitis.  Simply click your topic below to go to it.


QuickReferencehair style
Want information on hair loss treatments and thinning hair?
Propecia? Minoxidil? Rogaine? Female hair loss? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Regaine?


df7isn't really a side effect, since it shows that the drug is properly absorbed
FuzzSo wouldn't increased eye brow growth be such a sign
blissI should use it for transplant hairs
FuzzHA - balding sucks
df7a sign of what fuzz?
FuzzThat the minoxodil (rogaine) is properly absorbed; thus, a better chance at regrowth
df7yeah , it could be a sign .. but not necessarily
FuzzI see your point, but i would take as a positive...
FuzzWhat are good absorption enhancers beside alcohol, polysorbate, and prop glcol?
df7hmm GeorgeMiu might know this
blisssprio is I think
df7grape seed extract maybe
FuzzI just want to make sure my Folligen cream is being absorbed to its fullest
AkOnAtAkim gonna post a pic of what my balding hair looks like when combed
df7are you on propecia AkOnAtAk or rogaine?
df7Fuzz: don't worry, it is =)
AkOnAtAkyup about to start prescription instead of fincar (propecia) im a little worried about shedding
df7u were on fincar?
df7woaw .. thats courage
blissI am sheddingt like a dog on propecia
blisslike 50 0r 60 in the shower
AkOnAtAkyea - can u think of a good hair style to cover thinning hair? 
blissmy balding seems to be slowing a little now
blissBut I am very confident that it will grow back, especially if i add minoxidil
df7bliss: yeah but in long term u will win
AkOnAtAkthe longer my hair gets the more thinning hair i see in the shower
wdf7what dosage u take already?
blisshair gets heavier and pulls down more
df7AkOnAtAk: me its the opposite .. seems at least =)
df7i shaved my NW2 hair today ..
AkOnAtAkhow old are you drf.  I need a new hair style
blissyou sahved you head?
df7not totally =)
df71 cm
FuzzI was thinking of doing it in the summer, when I was highly frustrated with my hair.
*** HAL9000^ has joined #hairloss
blissI could never do that
FuzzMy hair has made some decent improvements
df7i am 23 AkOnAtAk
df7why bliss?




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