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hair loss

Ever notice that as men begin to lose hair on their head, they start to gain hair on their body? That is the topic of this HairlossSucks chat transcript. Unfortunately, the original information collected from this hosted event was tragically lost in a fire which was started as a result of a balding associate of ours having fallen asleep with a lit candle in the room and plucked body hair all around him. Hair, being the extremely flammable substance that it is, caused the entire room to go up in flames, destroying all traces of the original Ernie transcripts. 

Actually, HairlossSucks was sufficiently convinced that Ernie's theories which state that plucking body hair will force regrowth of hair out the top of your head do more to confuse than help the average balding visitor to HairlossSucks.com, and are completely unscientific and unproven to boot.  Thus we have removed all traces of them, and below is the open chat which occurred afterwards.  Happy reading! In the event that studies are conducted and scientific evidence is provided that can back up this theory, like with Minoxidil, we will gladly replace all of the content which no longer exists anyways. :-)


Want hair loss treatment information on 
? Minoxidil? Revivogen? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Rogaine?

pufpuf RS what's but ur hairloss story then??  
RS diffuse thinning for the last 6 years.....thought of trying propecia or minoxidil
pufpuf what are u using??  regrowth formula?
fred_1 he said "butt"
RS real gradual.....then bam...a few months ago a big shed...I wasn't on anything
RS it looks like it may have calmed down
pufpuf are u on anything now??
fred_1 ok
  *** mrclean11 has joined
pufpuf what is this "Centre for Men's health" thing then - female hairloss site?
fred_1 hmm,, rs did you go to the dr?
RS quartered Proscar bald truth herbal formula...diet
pufpuf oooooh Spencer uses "intermittent therapy" for regrowth
pufpuf big word :)
pufpuf RS>> no Topicals?? Rogaine?
pufpuf hey.. where's everyone, bald?
RS no
pufpuf why not?
RS I went to dr. lee
  *** GeorgeMiu has joined
fred_1 dr lee,, real doctor?
fred_1 hey George.. need a seatbelt or some propecia? rogaine?
pufpuf wb George :))
mrclean11 who is this dr lee I hear so much about.  does he work with female hairloss?  Regrowth?
pufpuf yeah.... drlee is a real MD i think
GeorgeMiu i got disconnected :(
fred_1 -------------U---------------
mrclean11 is he like dr proctor?
pufpuf mrc>> he's just some MD who sells stuff for hairloss and balding, but not rogaine


balding chat continued minoxidil and continued chat



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