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Patti lost her hair due to chemotherapy after breast cancer. Check out her photo's and bio here.  Female hair loss can be extremely detrimental, especially in light of having to fight breast cancer.  Check for her updates at the bottom of the page.

  • Chat Name - Patti
  • Location - USA

How did you lose your hair?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and lost 95% of my hair due to the side effects of Chemotherapy.

How soon did you catch the Cancer?

I discovered my cancer in the nick of time. It was invasive and fast growing, however it had not yet traveled to my lymph nodes, so it was still contained. The tumor and good surrounding tissue were removed along with 3 lymph nodes. Chemo and radiation were highly recommended to treat any possible stray cancer cells.



Have you considered hair growth stimulants?

Prior to joining HairlossSucks I had not considered any hair growth stimulants, but now I am certainly interested in doing so as soon as the Chemotherapy drugs run their course.

What kind of research are you doing now regarding your hair loss?

I am hoping to gather information on what products might be suitable for female hair loss, both prescription and natural, to enhance or speed up regrowth.

Any closing thoughts?

It would be nice to speak with others who have experienced Chemotherapy hair loss to see what we can learn from one another on gaining optimum results for regrowth.


Update on Patty - August 6, 2000 - She has successfully beat her breast cancer and completed all her radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and is enjoying the slow but steady regrowth of her hair!


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