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HairlossSucks Newsletter - July 2000

HairlossSucks Newsletter
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Propecia 4 Year Results Released!

The following information has been out for a couple months, however we felt it would be beneficial as many of you may not have seen it. The preliminary Propecia trials which gave it its 83% effectiveness rating were 2 years in duration. The following numbers relate to the continued trials which are now at their 4 year mark:

71% Placebo users were rated as worsened after 4 years
8% Propecia users rated as worsened after 4 years

36% of Propecia users were rated as having no change
29% of Placebo users were rated as having no change

55% of Propecia users were rated as improved at year 4
0% of Placebo users were rated as improved at year 4

Self Assessment:

62% of Propecia patients felt their bald spot was decreasing
18% of Placebo patients felt their bald spot was decreasing

78% felt Propecia continuted to improve the appearance of their hair.
39% on Placebo felt their hair continued to improve.

90% of Propecia users felt Propecia continued to slow their hairloss.
64% of Placebo users felt their hair loss continuted to slow.

New Before and After photos added

We have recently added photos of Greg, a 34 year old man who has been on Propecia (Proscar) and Minoxidil 5% for 7 months, and has great results. More visual proof that this Finasteride/Minoxidil combination can work wonders. Don't miss these photos - see them here:

Updates from users on new treatment - Revivogen

As stated in the last newsletter, we are tracking several people who have decided to give the new treatment for Men and Women called Revivogen a try. At last count, we were up to 28 separate people, and one of them has already announced his results on the product. The following email was sent by him at the one month mark. Immediately below it, is his most recent update:

Subject: Re: Revivogen update.
From: wingnut@dfsux.net
Date: 6/18/00 9:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I had some itch for the first week or two. Minor flaking... Both have stopped now at 1 month into treatment....  Haven't noticed any positive signs yet, but like I said,  it's only been a month. Jon

Subject: My Revivogen Progress
Date: 07/16/2000
Author: Wingnut <wingnut@dfsux.net>

I'm just starting my 2nd bottle of Revivogen, at the 1.5 month mark. My hair looks MUCH better, and fuller, and about for the last 7-10 days, whenever I've been massaging in the Revivogen into my problem areas, I can now feel small stubby hairs mixed in with my older hair. I can't see them as 1) I have too much hair to tell, 2) My eyesight isn't all that great, but I definately feel the density is picking up. Nothing in the hairline area yet (Norwood 1.75) but I'm optimistic. I've been on 2% and 5% minox for years, and MAYBE it's helping me retain hair, but I can honestly say that this is the FIRST treatment that I've tried that appears to be growing hair. NEVER had any stubble before.... I'm very excited... Jon

HairlossSucks to be featured on Playboy.com

Blair Fischer, Associate Editor of Playboy online contacted us recently regarding an article they will be doing on Propecia's benefits and side effects. Though we are strong proponents of Propecia's effectiveness, we had to answer honestly about both the good and the potentially bad sides of Propecia use. We feel he used our comments professionally and overall the article sheds an honest light on this fairly new and extremely effective treatment. Look for it in Playboy.com's Health section sometime next month.

HairlossSucks teams with www.KeepHair.com

We have teamed with the makers of a brand new Merck sponsored web site called http://www.keephair.com which is probably the most impressive new interactive site on hair loss on the web. It is done entirely in Shockwave/Flash, and has all kinds of informative pages on the basics of hair loss and how Propecia can help the situation. Take a quiz, Send an e-card, Download software to "see" yourself without hair. Lots of entertainment as well as good information.

Speak out on your treatment experiences

As always, we are interested in hearing back from you on what treatments are and are not working for you. The goal of our site is to provide *REAL* user feedback on treatments and allow even the lurkers to contact people directly with any questions. So please do not hesitate to email us with your treatment regimen and what kind of results you have seen on it.

If you have any before and after photos, please contact us and let us know about putting them up on the site as well. Photos are the best possible way to help people who are searching for hope on what really does work.

You can email us at admin@HairlossSucks.com with any feedback you may have.

Chat applet upgrades - New way to access the live chat

We have recently done some upgrades to the chat applet, allowing users to now pass clickable URL's to each other right into the body of the chat. Since our chat is located on an IRC server we have also added information on how to connect to it using one of the more popular IRC Chat software programs - mIRC. You can get information on how to do it by going here: http://www.HairlossSucks.com/index1.htm

New treatments added to the Online Product Center

With the addition of Propecia, Minoxidil, and Tricomin, we have completed the ramping up of products on the Online Product Center by Clicking Here

With the exception of potentially Spironolactone (see below) we feel we have sufficiently included all the known effective treatments to hair loss to date, as resources for you. The following outlines our completed resource list with important notes:

Propecia (Free Shipping) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/propecia.htm
Crinagen (Free US Shipping) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/crinagen.htm
Tricomin (For Men and Women) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/tricomin.htm
Folligen (For Men and Women) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/folligen.htm
Rogaine (For Men and Women) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/minoxidil.htm
Revivogen (For Men and Women) - http://www.HairlossSucks.com/revivogen.htm 

Closing Notes

We are starting to get some really good comments regarding Spironolactone, which is an antiandrogen treatment fairly well known, however not widely used due to its "custom preparation" requirements. So far some of our users have reported thickening of hairline after a month or two on it.
We will continue to let you know what we learn as more develops.

More sections will be added to the site in the coming weeks, and we will be teaming with some other hair loss sites to share resources and bring more value to you.

Please don't forget to join us every weekday evening in the Live Chat if you have any questions or concerns about what to do, where to go with your treatments, or just to talk.

The Discussion Forum http://www.hairlosstalk.com/discussions/ continues to grow, don't forget to check back there regularly. You do not need an account to post there, it is open to all.

You may email us at admin@HairlossSucks.com if you have questions not addressed on our site. You will also find an array of additional information and resources by reviewing our chat transcripts at http://www.HairlossSucks.com/trans.htm.



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