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August / September 2001 Newsletter

A Beer, some clippers, and a new head of hair... 

No portion of this newsletter may be used without the permission of HairlossSucks.com.  You may contact us at news@HairlossSucks.com if you wish to reproduce an article on your site.

Mike Cartwright Transplant Photo Biography Updated 
August 26, 2001

Many of you remember Mike Cartwright's hair transplant photo biography which HairlossSucks exclusively debuted several months ago.  We've been fortunate enough to follow Mike through his trials and tribulations, pains and joys as he contemplated, executed, and experienced the results of a hair transplant procedure.  Actually two!  

Mike recently contacted us to provide some updated photos of his hair and his (lack of a) scar from the procedure.  Share his elation as he boldly goes where few transplant patients go by attempting a Crew Cut.  Add some beer and his own set of clippers and you've got quite a result... Don't miss the photos and his commentary...

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