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August / September 2001 Newsletter

One Man sets out on a quest to stop his Hair Loss 

No portion of this newsletter may be used without the permission of HairlossSucks.com.  You may contact us at news@HairlossSucks.com if you wish to reproduce an article on your site.

Martin's Hair Loss Journey
August 3, 2001 - Los Angeles CA

Martin is a recent addition to the HairlossSucks community, and has just started out on his journey to stop his hair loss.  In an attempt to help others who are undergoing the same concerns, stresses, and experiences, Martin has agreed to let us show his progress for the next 12 months as he makes his way down the path to hair restoration.  Bookmark this page, and make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter, and you'll be sure not to miss his update photos and progress over the next year.

Introducing Martin...

Ever since high school I have been a victim of this emotionally and physically devastating disease of hair loss. I remember well, my fellow  classmates making fun of my hairline. And if that wasnít bad enough, even one of my teachers, someone who I looked up to for guidance and support, jokingly pointing to my hairline, laughing and saying, ďyouíre going down!Ē  This was all at about age 16, and not anything that I will soon forget. Since then, I have always assumed that with age, the teasing and name-calling would go away with my progressing hair loss. I figured that this hair loss I am experiencing is just temporary, and should subside any day now. I thought that I would end up with the hairline my father has: slightly receded, but with a little work in the morning looks pretty good. However, I never imagined that the casualties my hairline has already experienced would still leave me vulnerable for yet even more teasing and name calling by my fellow employees in the workplace. Surprisingly, many grown adults donít reach their full maturity level as others their age, which doesnít help much in my situation. 

Martin's Hair when Wet

Click to View Images in Full Size

Well, 6 years have passed since that day in high school and I have successfully surpassed my fathersí hairline, losing yet even more hair than  he has, and not any amount of time in the mirror with a comb in the morning could make me feel any better about my hair. Now at the age of 22, I finally really looked at myself in the mirror and admitted that this problem is not going to go away any time soon. Once I admitted that to myself, I became desperate to find a cure for my problem, immediately. I was so desperate that instead of trying some of the hair loss remedies out there, I made an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon. I wanted a quick remedy, something that would greatly improve the appearance of my hairline in the quickest amount of time. And transplants seemed to be my answer. Although extremely costly, the surgery, in my mind would be well worth having my self-esteem and physical appearance back once again. 

It wasnít until about one week before my appointment with the scalpel, while browsing around on the Hair Loss Sucks website, was I persuaded to try other hair loss options first before considering any surgical procedure. However, I still wanted positive results in as little time as possible. I wanted to put an end to my continuing hair loss and a have good chance of regrowing a large percentage of the hair I have already lost. So, I was recommended the combination of Rogaine, Propecia, and Nizoral A-D shampoo by the Hair Loss Sucks website. Once given the suggestion, I immediately began the program. Within hours, I purchased Rogaine 5%, Nizoral, and had a prescription for Propecia. At this point, I was not willing to sacrifice one single hair more unless it was necessary for the overall good of my hairline. 

2 Month Update

I have been on this program for about 2 months now. Currently I am using Rogaine 5%, twice per day; once in the morning and once in the evening, Propecia, once per day in the morning, and Nizoral A-D shampoo once every 3-4 days. Since the first day of my hair loss regimen, I have been extremely anxious, wondering what my hair would look like at the peak point of the program, which would be at about the 1-year mark. So far I feel that I have seen a great improvement in the appearance of my hair. It feels and looks thicker and healthier. Others around me I have asked have noticed an improvement as well. I definitely feel much better than I did 2 months ago, and I plan on being on this program for as long as I care about my physical appearance. 

Although the regimen is fairly inconvenient, I feel that it will be well worth it if I get the results I want out of it. Currently the only problems I have experienced are with the Rogaine. Having to apply it twice per day and letting it set for up to 4 hours until washing is a bit inconvenient as you can imagine. Also, at first, there was extensive itching on the scalp that is a bitch to get to because if you scratch, you will rub off the Rogaine. But after using the Nizoral for a few weeks, that problem completely went away. I am also experiencing flaking of the scalp as a result of the dried Rogaine. Once dried, the Rogaine resembles peeling skin caused by severe sunburn. Not only that, but once you try to brush the flakes away, it looks as if you have dandruff. Needless to say, itís not very pretty. 

All Photos are prior to Treatment

The Propecia is just as important to me as taking my multi-vitamin every day. I have had absolutely no problems that I have noticed with the Propecia since I have started it. I feel at this point, if no negative side effects have arisen thus far, then I expect not have any at all for as long as I continue to use it. Besides, the only know side effect of Propecia is impotence in 2% of men. And trust me, I have definitely not had any problems in that area. The only draw back of using Propecia is the cost. It runs me about $50 per month. But like I said before, if this program will give me the results I am looking for, it is well worth it. At this point, I am willing to do whatever it takes. 

The First Shedding Period

Perhaps the most stressful portion for my regimen was at about week 4. There was severe shedding as a result of God knows what. Maybe the Rogaine, the Propecia, the Nizoral, or possibly it was all of them. There was a point during that time where I would brush my hair in the bathroom, then look down to see the sink covered with hair. As you can imagine, this was an extremely stressful time. The good thing is that this shedding phase lasted only a week or two. Now I feel that I am finally headed in a positive direction with my hairline. I brush my hair and can maybe find one loose hair in the comb or even in the sink. 


Martin's Hair when Dry

Click Image to view Full Size

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to the days, weeks, even months ahead in my hair loss program. Each day I look in the mirror and swear that I can notice the start of a new, healthy hair beginning to grow. I am amazed to see that I am only at the 2-month point in this hair loss regimen and am already beginning to see positive results, when others have told me not to expect anything for at least 6 months. I canít wait to see what I will look like at that 1-year mark. I am hoping for the best and am feeling confident that I will be pleased with what I will see in the mirror at that time. Even if I do not achieve the results I am hoping for, I will have at least done all that I could in saving whatís left of my hair until something better comes along. 


Bookmark this page and check back every month or so to see how Martin is doing on his regimen.  We will continue to post updated photographs of his progress as time goes by.  


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