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HairlossSucks Newsletter - July 2001 
The HairlossSucks Newsletter is the most widely distributed and comprehensive source for up to date hair loss information anywhere on the web.

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shari lieberman Dr. Gho Rejected by EHRS
Mysterious "founder" of hair multiplication applies for EHRS membership, unsuccessfully  

barry resnik Sawaya Speaks on Dutasteride
Dr. Sawaya tells HairlossSucks why she previously spoke so enthusiastically about Dutasteride
marc avram Revivogen Consumer Trials show 72% effectiveness
The results are in!  See what "we the people" have to say about Revivogen

Tricomin goes Retail - Exclusive Interview!
HairlossSucks Interviews ProCyte on their recent deal with American Crew to distribute copper peptide products retail Trichoscan - Measuring Hair Loss
The first truly accurate tool for measuring the progress and effectiveness of your hair loss treatment HairlossSucks Product Center goes Live
Check out all the new resources we have made available to you for your hair loss needs  

Getting Back to the Basics
Revisiting what treatments to use to fight your hair loss, and how to avoid those nasty snake oils

regrowth One4B - Grows Hair & Kills?
Party Drug shown to regrow hair also has officials concerned about safety
thinning New Herbal Hair Loss Treatment?
Another Asian company seeks to test a topical herbal-based hair loss treatment
thinning Women's "HairAware" Upcoming Events 
New Women's Hair Loss organization growing 
thinning Hair Scam - Company Pays Up
Busted for deceptive advertising. Snake oil salesmen, listen up! 
Transplants - 94% Customer Satisfaction?
Bosley conducts survey on hair transplant satisfaction rates.

thinning Selling Hair Tonics Didn't Pay
Japanese company turns from dwindling sales on hair growth tonics and energy drinks, to prescription meds 
Propecia's Merck shows 5% Profit
Profits up, but slowed growth - Merck Financial Report

thinning Pregnancy and Women's Hair Loss
AAD stresses accurate diagnosis of pregnancy related conditions  
Nevada Prison Inmates Donate Hair
17 inmates donate hair to cancer patients for Wigs

thinning Hair Loss - Here to Stay?
A rather pessimistic article put out by a Chicago Newspaper on hair loss  
I wanna be like Mike
Baldness can be cool - if you're Michael Jordan

Video Web casts brought to you this month by HairlossSucks & Healthology
  • Medical Treatment Options for Male Baldness
    With an expected 50 percent of all men experiencing hair loss sometime in their lives, the treatment of male-pattern baldness is a large--and growing--industry. What are the current options for treating male hair loss? What are the benefits and side effects of each? Join our panel of hair experts as they discuss the latest in hair loss treatments.
  • From Hair Care to Cloning - Non-medical Treatments for Women's Hair Loss
    By the age of 50, approximately 50% of women will have to cope with hair loss. This is a natural part of aging, but it’s a part most women would rather skip. For many women, medications provide a reliable solution for their hair loss. But what about women who don't benefit from medication? Join our panel of experts as they discuss current and future non-medical options, from styling tips to surgery to cloning technology.
  • The Future of Cloning and Hair Loss
    In 1996, a lamb named Dolly was cloned from the genetic material of another sheep. And if they can clone a lamb, why not some hair for balding heads? Cloning for hair loss is not an option yet, but current research is moving in that direction. How would hair cloning work? And how soon might it be an option for hair loss patients? Join us as we take an in-depth look at what the future of hair treatment might look like.
  • Medical Treatments for Hair Loss in Women
    We’ve all seen those commercials for the “Hair Club for Men,” prescription medications for male hair loss, and even men’s spray-on hair. But rarely do we see advertisements for women's hair loss. Surprisingly, hair loss in women is a common occurrence, affecting over 30 million women in the United States alone. Although hair loss can seem a permanent condition and can be devastating to many women, the condition is rarely hopeless. Join our panel of specialists as they discuss the treatment options for women.


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