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Smoking can have an adverse effect on hair loss. Also, a hair loss treatments combo that can rival Propecia?  This and other hair loss issues are discussed at length.  Please note that this discussion addresses smoking's effect after the onset of Male Pattern Baldness only.


QuickReferencehair style
Want information on hair loss treatments and thinning hair?
Propecia? Minoxidil? Rogaine? Female hairloss? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Regaine?


Legenden hi
Boinken How's the hair guys
HairGod mine's doing great as usual, stopped the balding
Boinken Slug... what are you using now?
HairGod :>
Slug just Minox
Boinken HG..... I get more emails saying that you guys aren't even losing your hair.. people get pissed!
Boinken from my member photo section :)
Boinken HG you just missed Willy21
Boinken :)
Boinken Slug how long?
HairGod hihi
Boinken did you guys see Bryan Shelton's post that Spironolactone and Revivogen would be the ideal replacement for Finasteride?
Slug yep
Boinken how's the hair guys?
asacoot thinning, balding, the usual
baldisbeaut hi all
Boinken taking anything? propecia? rogaine? minoxidil? tricomin? folligen? crinagen?
baldisbeaut why am I losing it?
asacoot stress?
baldisbeaut could be
Boinken Male Pattern Baldness?
baldisbeaut r right
baldisbeaut MPB?
Boinken are you all bald or just losing hair
asacoot I don't know at the moment I'm pulling teeth
baldisbeaut I'm semi bald
baldisbeaut pulling himself
asacoot I'm ginger and balding, thinking of trying minoxidil for regrowth
baldisbeaut I've got a rather large parting
Boinken where are you two from?
red My hair has stopped falling out, no regrowth yet
HairGod hi
Boinken how long have you been on Propecia red?
red believe it or not 3 days
Boinken and its working?
*** Sandman has joined #hairloss
red also Revivogen
Sandman hello
Boinken how long on Revivogen?
red yes thank god> about a month
Boinken lol that's great news, you on minoxidil (rogaine) too?
Sandman Revivogen works after all?
Boinken its probably the combination of both!
Boinken I'm happy for you
Sandman damn....I live in can I get these products?
Boinken You can get Propecia online here on
Boinken Revivogen here too.
Boinken How did I help?
red we spoke about 2 months ago
Sandman hmm...I thought online purchase only applied to us citizens





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