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Propecia - how effective is it as far as hair loss treatments go? Several men discuss their experiences on this and other treatments like Hair Genesis, Alcusal and SOD's.  We had over 40 visitors for this Halloween evening chat.
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Want information on hair loss treatments?
Propecia? Minoxidil? Rogaine? Female hair loss? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Regaine? Regrowth?


* Logging #hairloss to '#hairloss.log'
*** Guest has joined #hairloss
billHair Genesis?
billthey've Emailed me
Guestits a formulation mostly based on saw palmetto meant for hair regrowth
Guestany success stories?  where can I get some good hairloss information??
*** peej_ joined #hairloss
billlsdk........ can you give me the link to your site again?
*** sargasm joined #hairloss
Guesti've been using it for about 3 months now, rather than minoxidil
sargasmdo saw palmetto-based treatments (oral, not topical) have similar side effect profiles to propecia?
Guestit is expensive though. about $60 for a months supply, minoxidil is about $30 a month
billLSKd.....still not working. Can you DCC it to me again? Give it one more try.
Guestthey aren't supposed to have any side effects.  Anyone using tricomin or folligen or crinagen?
billGuest, is it a shampoo?  have you seen any regrowth?
sargasmis it topical or oral?
Guestno gel caps, its not a topical like rogaine
Guesteverything in them can be duplicated from the nutritions store.... going to do that i think
billIs this the same as "HairGenesisT" ?
Guestthere is no "t" on the label, so i don't think so
billWhere did George go, put on some more rogaine?
lskdbill, did it give you a choice to resume?
BryanGeorge took off.
billYes ...but i got cut off with a big fat mess of a situation on my end so i wanted to try a clean download and overwrote it.
Guestit is a multi-vitamin with biotin, niacin, beta sitosterol, inositol, lecithin, Phosphoatidyl Choline and the main ingredient Saw Palmetto
lskdok, but if you get disconnected again, go ahead and do Resume otherwise you will never get the file ;)
lskdsure, what's the limit on your account?
billnot sure =/ it may be 3mb... can you split it up into three parts maybe?
billGuest, thats a product im not too familiar with yet, unlike rogaine




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