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Hair loss Information and the Zone Diet.  How Zinc and Copper can reduce hair loss and promote regrowth by inhibiting DHT in the system. Several opinions offered up and regimens discussed with unbiased opinions on results.  The following Open Discussion occurred on October 24, 1999.  Below are some other major topics covered, although there are many more within the chat such as Propecia, Minoxidil, Rogaine, Regaine, etc. that are not identified here.  Just click the topic you want, and you will be taken immediately to it.


Want information on hair loss treatments?
Propecia? Minoxidil? Rogaine? Female hair loss? Tricomin? Folligen? Crinagen? Regaine?

 Please note that all members of the chat have been informed that the chat is being logged, and not all chats are logged.  Only our Sunday night events where we have our greatest number of users.  This evening we had nearly 40 participants and there are four full pages, so please allow for time to load on each page if you have a slow connection.  Enjoy the transcript!

* Logging #hairloss to '#hairloss.log'
Chris What is your treatment regimen ? propecia minoxidil?  what do you use for balding?
DikTracy propecia...copper...zinc...and b6..8)
***Mark11 has joined #hairloss
Chris oral copper and zinc?
Chris hi Mark
DikTracy yes Chris
Chris How much are you taking of each?
DikTracy 2 mgs of copper...30 of zinc....not sure about the B6
Chris per day?
DikTracy ya
Chris what about green tea or rogaine?
DikTracy nope...just those, no regrowth yet
Chris have you considered Green tea? Seems like if that is working great for ya, that would just help all the more with balding
Chris and all you have to do is drink it :)
***dweezil has joined #hairloss
DikTracy nah...I dont want fix something that isnt broken...8)
DikTracy I think that keeping something consistent is important for the body, rogaine will be next
Chris Hey Mark!!! I kicked your duplicates out before - saw you weren't able to connect
Mark112 Hello! Thanks =)  Anyone here balding and taking Propecia?
Chris What do you think you are fixing with green tea that isn't broken??
DikTracy What I am saying is that if I am happy with the results that i am getting I don't want to ruin it.  I'll try rogaine later
DikTracy 8)
Chris oh i see
Chris thats kind of why i dont' want to take topicals
Chris i dont want to muddy the situation up just yet
DikTracy I don't...8)
Mark112 How old are you Dik?  any regrowth yet?


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